Real Estate License Attorney For Brokers, Agents And Salespersons

Disciplinary Action Could Result in the Loss of Your Real Estate License

In Georgia, licenses for real estate brokers and agents are regulated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. The Commission may take disciplinary action against a broker or agent for several reasons, including:

  • Practicing without a license or on a lapsed license
  • Acting improperly as a dual agent without proper authorization
  • Escrow account violations
  • Exceeding the limits of the license and/or expertise
  • Accounting or record keeping irregularities
  • Failure to properly supervise assistants
  • Improper use of contracts
  • Real estate fraud and misrepresentation to a client of material facts involved in making an informed decision
  • Practicing law without a license
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act claims
  • Unethical or unprofessional conduct
  • Criminal conduct
  • Violation of federal or state fair housing laws
  • Inaccurate of misleading advertising

In addition, attorney Rhonda Fishbein can represent you if the Georgia Real Estate Commission denies an application to be licensed as a broker or salesperson.

Serious Legal Advocacy To Protect Your Real Estate Career

Licensed to practice law in Georgia for more than 35 years, Ms. Fishbein draws from a wellspring of legal knowledge as well as insight from her own experience as a licensed agent. Ms. Fishbein provides representation for clients throughout the state. Call Rhonda Fishbein Attorney At Law in Atlanta at 770-450-5117 or send her an email to arrange for a consultation.